‌Cisco WebEx is a web-based conferencing tool that you can use anywhere as long as you have an Internet access on your device. 

The service can be used to collaborate via telephone, chat, microphone, or webcam. Users can use WebEx for teleconferencing, presentations, sharing data, online demonstration, etc.

WebEx service is freely available to all GCU staff and you can submit a WebEx account request via My Service 


Logging to WebEx

Visit http://meeting.gcu.ac.uk and log in with your GCU email address (first.lastname@gcu.ac.uk) and your current domain password.


Using WebEx

For more information about setting up or scheduling a WebEx meeting please click on the link below to download a PDF file containing the WebEx instructions.

Cisco WebEx Getting Started Guide.pdf

The following short WebEx video explains the benefits of using WebEx service.


Joining WebEx teleconference

To join an internal teleconference, dial ext.1444 on your handset, or 0141 273 1444 externally and follow the teleconference joining instructions.

For more information about joining a WebEx teleconference please click here

You can also book a conference handset (spider phone) via My Service if the number of participants on your site is more than two.


If you don't user your WebEx account for a period of 180 days, your account will become inactive and you will need to contact the Service Desk for support.