Conference Calls

Creating a Conference Call

The MeetingPlace server address is:

The Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Server is secured with your Cisco Phone Password. This is the password you use to log into the CCM User website. If you do not know your Phone Password, you can log a call via the IT Helpdesk requesting a 'CCM User Password Reset'.

There are links to Cisco training videos at the bottom of each page within the MeetingPlace site.

You will need to configure your profile the first time you log into the MeetingPlace server:

  1. Log in
  2. Click the 'Profile' link on the top right
  3. Enter your email address & click the 'Update Profile' button 

You can either schedule a meeting for a future date, or you can create a meeting for an immediate start (known as a reservationless meeting).

Joining a conference

To join a conference, dial x1555 (internally), or 0141 273 1555 (externally) and follow the prompts.


The Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Server has a limited licence for simultaneous conference calls. The system is limited to:

  • 18 voice only calls
  • and 6 web based calls

If you are trying to schedule a conference & are prompted with an insufficient licence error, first try changing your conference options:

  • when scheduling a meeting, change the 'Web meeting room' option to 'Participant List only'
  • when starting a reservationless meeting, untick the 'Enter web meeting room' box

Alternatively, you can reschedule your conference for a different date/time.

How do I get a Conference Handset?

There are a number of conference telephones available that comfortably allow up to 6 users to sit around one phone (more if at a round table) and hold a conference call with other parties.

Conference handsets can be booked via the IT Helpdesk; please provide a start/finish date & time and delivery location. Please remember to submit your booking with 5 working days notice. Any requests made outwith this period will be best endeavours. Please also note that the conference handset will need an active network point in order to work.

The conference handsets do not require login details.

How are conference calls charged?

Each joining party must bear the cost of their phone call for the duration of the conference.