Outlook Anywhere

You can use Outlook to use your staff email account from a machine that’s outside the university’s network without a VPN connection. If Outlook has already been setup on the computer to connect to your email, then it should work as normal from any location with Internet access. This lets staff use Outlook on a university laptop when they are travelling or working at home.

If you are outside the university’s network and want to setup Outlook for the first time to connect to your email, follow these instructions.

  • If this is the first account you have added, start Outlook and go to the next step. If you already use Outlook to use another email account, you will need to add a new profile to access your GCU account.
    • Select Control Panel from the Start Menu and open Mail (32-bit)
    • Click Show Profiles
    • Check Prompt for a profile to be used and click Add
  • Enter a new profile name when prompted and click OK
  • Enter your name, university email address, password and click Next
  • Click Choose another account
  • Enter your username preceded by caledonian\ (for example caledonian\abc1), password and click OK
  • Check Manually Configure server settings and click Next
  • Uncheck Use cached Exchange mode and click Finish (see information below on use of cached mode)
  • Click OK when prompted to restart Outlook.

Outlook Anywhere Account Setup - Outlook 2010 (includes screenshots)

You need to decide whether to use cached mode when you setup Outlook. Cached mode is a setting that tells Outlook to save a copy of your mailbox in a file on your hard disk and changes are synchronised from that file to the server in the background. It’s the default setting and is recommended under normal circumstances, as it can improve performance if network connectivity is poor and allows you to work offline when there is no connection.

It may be better to turn off cached mode in the following scenarios.

  • If you setup Outlook to access your account for the first time while you are off campus, it needs to copy the contents of your mailbox to the local file stored on your hard disk across the existing network connection (for example home Wi-Fi or broadband). It may be better to turn off cached mode to prevent a large amount of data being transferred during the initial setup.
  • If you don’t use Outlook regularly on a machine, there could be a delay each time you open it while changes since the last connection are synchronised. Turning cached mode off could improve performance in this case.