Can I print to any device on campus?

Yes, you can print to any device on campus. When you send a document to print, the document is held securely on the print server, until the point you request the document be printed by presenting your card to the printer Smartcard reader.

What if my printer breaks down?

If your printer breaks down you should contact the local contact listed on the poster beside the printer or the IT Service Desk and they will log the fault with Konica-Minolta.

How do I connect to GCU printers?

When you select to print your document from your computer or device, the print addresses GCU-Mono-Staff and GCU-Colour-Staff, will automatically appear as print options on your screen.

Can I print automatically to colour?

The default setting for all print outs is black and white but you can select to print in colour instead by selecting the GCU-Colour-Staff print queue.

Do all the printers have the option to print in colour?

‌No, around 94% of the staff printers enable colour printing. In addition all student open access areas have colour devices. If you need a document printed in colour, you should collect your print out from one of the colour devices.

We provide a full list of colour and mono devices on the Print Device Replacement Schedule

Is there an expiry for print jobs?

If you do not collect your print out within 24 hours, it will automatically be deleted from the queue.

Where can I get new print cartridges?

Information Services will keep a supply of print cartridges on campus. You can collect them by contacting Information Services Office: isoffice@gcu.ac.uk

Contact telephone number: (0141) 2731050

Who is responsible for replacing toner?

The contact listed on the poster alongside each printer will be responsible for obtaining and changing toner.

How will I know if my staff ID card will work with the printers?

We recommend that you use your staff ID cards to use the printers. If your staff card does not feature the current GCU logo it is likely it will not work with the printer.

Where can I get a new staff card?

If you have an old staff card (which features the old GCU logo) you should make arrangements to visit the Campus Life desk (1st floor of the George Moore building) to get a new card.

Do I have to use my staff ID card?

We recommend that you use your staff ID card to use the new printers however it is not mandatory that you do so. Instead, you can request a print card from your local print contact, or you can use the printers by manually entering your network ID and password. 

How can I print in the meantime?

‌You will be able to use the printers by manually entering your network ID and password.

You can request a temporary print card from the contact listed on the poster alongside each printer. See Print Device Contacts List

You can also contact the IT help desk ithelp@gcu.ac.uk who can assist you with temporary print cards.

Can I print if I am not a member of staff?

Non-staff members will be able to use the printers by manually entering their network ID and password, or by requesting a print card from their local print contact.

Where is the link to the Konica training?

Online training for each of the two GCU printers (Konica-Minolta MFD models) is available here:

Bizhub C454e

Bizhub 4050