Your H: drive

Personal H: drive

Each member of staff has a secure, personal network area which is backed up on a nightly basis.  This is linked to your domain login and is commonly known as your 'H: drive'.

H: drive is not setup for Authorised Guest by default. Guest’s department should specify when they submit new Authorised Guest request or log a request later for H: drive setup via My Service

H: drive on PC

PC Systems automatically map the H: drive when you login. You can log into any PC in the University and have immediate access to this network area. Your H: drive is accessible via My Computer.

H: drive syntax (PC): \\\gcu\Staff_Personal\a\abc1 (where "a" is the first letter of your username and "abc1" is your username).

H: drive on MAC

MAC Systems must connect to H: drives manually at every login.

To make this process easier, follow the Mapping a network drive on a MAC instructions to access your H: drive.

H: drive syntax (MAC): smb://$/a/abc1 (where "a" is the first letter of your username and "abc1" is your username).

Files on your H: drive

This area is scanned at each login for multimedia files; if you are not permitted to hold them, it logs their existence.  If you do store multimedia files on your H: drive, please inform the IT Helpdesk.

This network area has a size limit of 100Mb.  You will receive a warning email when your H: drive reaches this limit.  At this point, you will not be able to save any more data to your H: drive until you clear some space. If you feel that you need more space on your H: drive, please contact the IT Helpdesk.