Recovering lost/deleted files

Information Services back up network drives on a regular basis.

If you have lost a file from your personal H: drive or a departmental network drive, try searching for the file as it may have been moved from its original location. If the file was on a departmental network drive, check with your colleagues as someone else might have moved it. 

If you cannot locate the file yourself, please log a Missing/deleted files request job via My Service portal  with the following information:

  1. The complete file name
  2. The file type
  3. The full network drive path where the file was stored*, for example:
    • \\\gcu\it\special\workfiles
    • workfiles on \\\gcu\it\special
  4.  The date when the file was last known to be 'good' or was deleted etc.

*When sending the network drive path, please ensure you provide the full path syntax.  You can see this by choosing 'My Computer' on your desktop.