Departmental network drives

‌‌‌All Departmental network drives are accessed via:\\\gcu\...

Each department has a ‘Common’ area which is accessible to all staff in the department, and a ‘Special’ area which is accessible by authorised request only.

If you need access to a ‘Common’ or ‘Special’ area, log a request via My Service.  Please ensure that you have the full path syntax of the area you need access to. Examples of acceptable path syntaxes include:

  • \\\gcu\staff\IS\special\reports
  • ‘reports’ on \\enterprise\\gcu\staff\IS\special

Note: we cannot accept the following path syntax:

  • Z:\reports

This is a local drive mapping and does not give us enough information to locate the network area.

If you do not know the full path syntax, please ask a colleague who has access to the share. They will be able to confirm the full path syntax by looking under 'Computer' on their PC.

For example, the full path for "V:\ITServices" is: "ITServices on "\gcu\"

 ‌        Mapping a Shared Drive