Information Security - FAQs

Who is required to undertake the Information Security training?

All members of GCU Staff are required to undertake the Information Security training.    

When does the training have to be completed by?

The deadline for completion of all the training modules is January 31st, 2017 although it is strongly recommended that staff undertake the training at the earliest convenience to provide them with the opportunity to work with information more securely.

For new staff, the training will be included as part of their induction programme. 

What if I do not use a computer in my work and have no contact with campus systems?

Alternative arrangements will be made for non-computer users. If an employee has absolutely no computer contact, then their line manager should contact the IT Helpdesk to ask for support.

Will the training be provided in other languages?

No, the training will be offered only in English.

Do I have to do this training every year?

The training only needs to be completed once. Following this, staff will be asked to complete a short, annual refresher training.

Who do I contact regarding any issues accessing the training modules?

You can contact the IT Helpdesk by logging an Incident call via My Service.

Can I use any internet browser to access the training via GCU Learn?

It is recommended that Google Chrome is used to access the materials on GCU Learn

Can I use my personal mobile device or tablet to complete the training?

Yes, however the training materials are best viewed on your desktop PC.

How long will it take me to complete the training?

Notional time is an hour and a half. However you can complete the training on a module by module basis.