The Library Desk has Netbooks available for staff and students to borrow.  To borrow a laptop, visit the Library Desk on level 0 of the Saltire Centre with your staff card.

Important Information

  • Check the contents of the bag; there should be a netbook computer and a power cable. If either of these are missing, please tell the staff right away. 
  • You are responsible for this netbook until it is returned to the Library Desk. You must make sure you have taken your personal items out of the bag before you return it. The University is not responsible for anything you leave in there. 
  • Never leave the Netbook unattended. Never give it to anyone else. You must return it yourself. 
  • You must save all your work to a USB pen or CD before you switch it off. Every time you switch the laptop on, the system will completely refresh.  Any data you have previously saved on the hard disk will be lost.