GCU Learn

Log in to GCU Learn using your Domain authentication details.

Attaching people to GCU Learn modules

For standard modules:

  • Contact your School's Programme Administrator. All standard module attachments are processed through ISIS. If you do not know who your Programme Administrator is check with your local ISIS co-ordinator.
  • Authorised Guests must be added to the ISIS staff table manually. If your Authorised Guest is not listed on ISIS please contact the Information Service Desk.

For Composite courses:

  • Contact your School's GCU learn Administrator. If you do not know who your GCU Learn Administrator is check with your School Office or contact the Information Service Desk.

For Communities:

  • Contact your local Community Organiser. The Community Organiser is a member of staff within the department who has permissions to add users to Communities.

Incorrect titles or names

For staff with permanent or fixed term HR employee contracts;
Your title and name details are taken directly from the HR employee database. This database holds your title, formal first name and surname and this information is imported directly into GCU Learn.

For example, Mr John Jeffrey Smith prefers to be known as 'Jeff Smith'. GCU Learn will insist on listing him as 'John Jeffrey Smith' according to his employee record.

Additionally, all emails sent out by 'Jeff Smith' will show as being from 'MR John Jeffrey Smith'. The title is capitalised by default.

If you wish to change the way your title or name is displayed through GCU Learn, you will need to update your PS employee record. You can update your details on PS ESS

For Authorised Guest users;
If your GCU Learn details are incorrect, please log a request with details of any changes using My Service

Disabled modules

Modules marked disabled with a no entry sign have been made redundant. This shows that the module is no longer in use. If you need to retrieve data from a redundant module, please log details of your request using My Service. Remember to include the module code.