What is the URL of the App Store?

Please visit https://apps.gcu.ac.uk for the GCU AppStore

What credentials do I use to get into the App Store?

Use your Caledonian Domain username and password. Same one you use to access a PC on campus.

My session will not validate

Open the Application Jukebox Player, if you already have the “S2Hub Application Manager” on the player; remove this, close down the App Store browser tab, and reopen (sometimes a refresh will work). Login again and it will download a new validation token.

Why do I need to validate my session?

Validating your session will let the App Store know your location, type of operating system you are running and who you are. This information will let the App Store know what software you are allowed to launch.

I can’t seem to stop and remove an application from my player.

On a rare occasion an application may seem to be ‘stuck’ in the player and it won’t let you stop or remove it. If this happens, just reboot your computer (after saving your work), and the application should now allow you to stop it and remove it.

How do I remove an application from the Jukebox Player?

Click on the application you want to remove. If the application is currently running, make sure you have saved any work, and click Stop. Once stopped, click Remove. The application will be removed.

How do I request an application be put on the App Store?

Email ithelp@gcu.ac.uk with the name of the software, the license details, Vendor details and where to download the software. One of our App Store team will then be in touch.

Can I run App Store software from my Mac?

We are currently working with the software vendors to make this possible, but at the moment only Windows based operating systems are supported.

Where do I find the latest version of the player?

The latest player available can be downloaded from our software page

Some of my applications have started behaving oddly.

The Jukebox Player has a cache where it stores temporary files. This will sometimes need clearing out. To do this, open the Jukebox Player. Click File, Options.

Click the Cache tab, then “Clear Cache” button.

How do I prevent the Jukebox Player running every time I start my computer?

By default the Jukebox Player will run in the background when Windows boots up. If you want to prevent this and only run the player when you need it, follow these instructions:

Open the Jukebox Player, Click File, Options.

On the general tab, uncheck “Start Jukebox Player when Windows starts”

An application I have in the Jukebox Player has stopped responding.

Simply stop and remove the application in question, then download it again.

Do I have to go into the App Store if I already have the software in the Jukebox Player?

No. If you have already downloaded the software to your Jukebox Player, you should be able to just click the Launch button or the Start menu shortcut to run the application.

Why aren’t all the applications available off campus?

Some of the applications on the App Store are restricted by license and therefore cannot be run when off campus. Also, some applications are restricted by location and can only be run from the UK.

I’ve discovered a problem not covered by the FAQs page.

Please email ithelp@gcu.ac.uk with the details of the issue and we will be in touch.

Can I follow you on Twitter?

Yes, please follow @gcuappstore