Launching Applications

Before you can use start using GCU AppsAnywhere, you must have the Cloudpaging Player installed on the computer.

  • All Student Lab machines managed by Information Services & School of Engineering and Built Environment will have the player already installed. 
  • If you are using your own device or a staff machine, you must download the player first. Click here to Download the software

Once you have downloaded & installed the player, you will need to validate your session every time you use the GCU AppStore. 

Watch our demo video below on how to download & validate your session. 

Step by Step Instructions.

1.Click on the icon found on the desktop (GCU AppStore) or go to

App Store Icon

2. In the web page that opens you may be asked to log in, please use your GCU Domain Username & Password.

3. The web page will ask you to confirm if you have the Application Jukebox Software installed, either select "I have it" or "i need it" 

App Store have software

Once you have the Application Jukebox Software installed

4. The web page will verify your location by downloading the S2Hub Application Manager into the Jukebox player, please open and run this file if requested. 

5. Choose the application you wish to use and click on the Launch button. 

If you are using Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge you may have to download a .tok file to your machine, please open and run this file. 

App Store Portal

‌‌6. The next window to load shows you the progress of the program loading, please wait for this to complete.

Once this has finished, your program should automatically open and you can start using it as you would normally. 

App Store Software Loading

If you require any more help, please visit our FAQ Section or contact