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Glasgow Caledonian University is part of the JANET Roaming service. This means that GCU staff and students can use the eduroam (education roaming) service at many educational institutions around the world. Similarly, visitors from participating institutions can make use of secure wireless when visiting GCU. JISC provide a full list of participating UK institutions.

Getting ready before you go

Once you are set up to use the eduroam wireless network at GCU, you are set up to use it on campus and worldwide.

About eduroam and the JISC Roaming Service

eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is a world-wide community. The eduroam principle is based on the fact that the users' authentication is done by the user's home institution, whereas the authorisation decision allowing access to the network resources is done by the visited network. Put simply, a GCU user can visit other eduroam institutions and log into their network using their GCU username and password.

eduroam uses 802.1X to authenticate users. To enable authentication at any eduroam site, a world-wide hierarchical infrastructure of authentication servers (RADIUS) exists which securely tunnel users' authentication attempts back to their home institution.

Visiting other eduroam sites


You may need check at the visited site what eduroam facilities are available there. This should be available on their web pages.

You should follow any local instructions issued by their computing service regarding security, access restrictions and acceptable use policies. To use this service it is a requirement that you agree to the terms outlined in the Information Systems Policy and the Janet Acceptable Use Policy. Where the policies and regulations differ, the most restrictive applies.

Please ensure you have properly configured your devices to connect to eduroam before travelling. Instructions are available on the Setting up eduroam page.

Once authenticated you should usually have access to at least web browsing. This will allow you to use your email. You can also connect to other web based GCU resources such as the GCU Learn, the Library web site and other GCU subscription web resources. As a guest you will not normally have access to the visited institution's facilities such as applications, printing, and so on. We recommend that staff and students use the VPN service whilst visiting other eduroam sites.


Glasgow Caledonian University users roaming to other institutions should contact Glasgow Caledonian University IT Services at for support.