Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing enables participants at different venues to participate in meetings by means of transmitted audio and video signals.

The University has two video conferencing suite situated in H023 (ground floor of the William Harley Building) and in room M401.

The VC equipment is available in all rooms in CEE building first floor as well and any VC booking should be booked via My Service 


The suite also has the following facilities:

  • Ability to transmit maps, drawings, documents, 3D objects etc. to remote sites using visual presenter.
  • Datasharing facilities.
  • Relay from meeting to larger group of people if required (15 max).
  • Ability to cue-in/playback video footage to other sites as required

Bookings can be made by filling in the AV Booking Form

Please note, M401 has to be booked via Central Timetabling (telephone on 0141 331 3326 or by email