Your GCU account gives you access to Office 365 applications.  You can access these on your GCU issued device, or on a personal device (for ease of access we would recommend being connected to the GCU VPN).


Access the 365 Portal by going to https://www.office.com/ and you will be presented with the screen below.


Site Welcome Screen 


Choose Sign In to take you to the screen below.


 O365 login screen


Enter your GCU username indicated above and click Next.  If you are connected to the VPN you will automatically be taken to your 365 home screen (shown below).  If you are not connected to VPN you will need to enter your password.


Home Screen


On the home screen you will see on the left hand side a vertical ribbon containing the 365 applications and on the right your recent Microsoft history. 


 Logged In Screen



Your applications are also available in the 3x3 dot button in the top corner.


 Apps Available


To access an application simply click on the appropriate icon.  Any documents that are created online can be saved onto your OneDrive from the file -> Save As in a similar fashion to the desktop version of Office.