• FAQs


Q: Who is responsible for content in the staff portal?

Each school and department has already nominated one or more Content Managers who will co-ordinate the content on the Intranet pages and training will be provided for those content managers. All staff members can use the document management functionality to upload and share their own documents.

Q: What functionality will be added next year?

The current sponsors within each school and department have already provided ideas and priorities and this gives us some guidance, but this will become clearer once staff start to use GCYOU and discover areas they would like improved.

Q: Can I access GCYOU, including my documents, from outwith the University?

Yes, secure access across the internet is provided. It can also be accessed from mobile devices, including iPads, however not all functionality will be supported from mobile devices, such as uploading files.

Q: How do I access GCYOUand what will it look like?

When live, you can access GCYOU either from the Staff tab on the public website or from a direct URL.