Share. Connect. Communicate … the new GCU staff portal is a new way to inform and engage.

GCYOU is YOUR website, a user-friendly intranet exclusively for staff which is not accessible to students or the general public.

The first phase of GCYOU, which will launch on January 7, will transform the way we communicate in the University.

It’s an online space to make announcements, store and share internal GCU documents and take part in discussion forums to exchange views. You can access management information and a University-wide calendar where you can keep  up-to-date with activities and events across the campus.

GCYOU has been introduced in response to feedback from a staff survey which highlighted the need for additional tools to support sharing and collaboration across the University.

Each school and department will be responsible for their own content and can publish information to share with all GCU staff, where access to that information by the general public would not be appropriate. They can also maintain private pages, accessed only by colleagues in the same school or department.

There will be announcements and discussion forums available for general topics and dedicated forums for each school and department.


GCYOU will be an online storage facility for internal GCU documents and will be an easily-accessible, central place to store the latest versions of documents with a comprehensive, searchable archive. It will help to reduce the volume of email attachments – instead of attaching a document to a message, you will simply send a link to access the most recent version on the portal.

It will also feature a University-wide calendar that can be viewed by all staff, offering an at-a-glance guide to what’s happening across campus and will allow activities and events to be better co-ordinated.


At the moment, two pilot groups – Human Resources and the School of Health and Life Sciences – are the only school and department to have uploaded content. However, more schools and departments will be rolled out between January and the end of April, when the second phase of the Portal is due to be completed. This will be an evaluation period where the system will be tested and feedback sought.

All staff can contribute to GCYOU from January 7 by taking part in the discussion forums and submitting calendar entries for consideration. Once your school or department is rolled out you can upload and share your documents.