• Aims


Seniors USP aims to understand the determinants and predictors of sedentary behaviour and inactivity. In addition, the views and understandings of the positive and negative aspects of being sedentary will help to design more effective interventions to encourage older people to become less sedentary and more physically active, as well as identify key life stages at which intervention are crucial to promote activity and who may be vulnerable to low activity. 

The overall aim of this project is to better understand the determinants and effects of  sedentary behaviour and inactivity in older people in order to inform interventions.

The study aims to:

  1. Objectively measure sedentary behaviour in three groups (cohorts) of older adults
  2. Derive the most appropriate self-report outcome measures for sedentary behaviour;
  3. Assess determinants and predictors of sedentary behaviour and physical inactivity; and
  4. Investigate older adults’ perceptions and understanding of sedentary behaviour.