The Student Experience Summit


The Student Experience Summit is an annual event at GCU, where staff and students come together to discuss key issues surrounding the university's commitment to deliver a ‘truly outstanding’ student experience.

Over 100 delegates attended this year’s summit – Learning outside the Lecture: How do we enhance student social and cultural capital? – which took place on Wednesday 26th February 2014, facilitated by Professor Phil Race. The half-day event focused on how life outside the classroom can help shape students’ university learning experience. Participants explored what social and cultural capital means at GCU; the benefits to staff, students and the wider community; and how investing in the development of social and cultural capital can lead to increased opportunities for the whole university.

The outputs from this year’s summit will help shape next year’s event; key themes will be written up and distributed at the 2015 summit, which will have a broad focus on student engagement at GCU. A more detailed programme will be published here soon.