09.30 - 09.45 Registration and Coffee

Govan Mbeki Health Building

9.50 - 10.00 Chair's opening remarks & welcome from Peter Docherty (IOR) and Ian Wilson (IOR)

Chair's opening remarks and welcome 

Location - Deeprose Lecture Theatre, Govan Mbeki Health Building

Session 1 and 2

Morning Plenary


10.00 1st Plenary - 'Cyber Risk a risk of doing business in the digital world' David Ferbrache (MoD / KPMG)


There is considerable hype around cyber security, as well as a risk of cyber security being seen as a purely technical issue – complex, opaque and the domain of geeks and nerds. A sense of perspective is needed – which helps firms strike a balance between digital risk and opportunity.

10.30 Q & A on above session

10.45 2nd Plenary - 'Financial Crime Regulatory Landscape: a look back at some of the biggest fines, how the landscape is changing and what impact this will bring' Alastair Lauder, Head of Risk, Global AML Services, RBS


11.15 Q & A on above session

Location - Deeprose lecture Theatre, Govan Mbeki Health Building

11.30 - 11.55 Break for Tea and Coffee

Break for Tea and Coffee


Location - 1st floor, CEE Centre

11.55 - 13.00 Morning Breakout Sessions

Morning Break Out Sessions

 (select one only)

1. 'Risk Culture' Deloitte

 Mick Campbell and Stephen Gould (Deloitte)

“The speakers will lead a discussion on the ‘drivers’ of risk culture and the ‘behaviours’ that are exhibited as a result of risk culture. They will provide their views and experience in relation to how to diagnose existing risk culture; define desired risk culture; develop and implement tangible actions to enhance risk culture and instil a process to periodically measure change in risk culture.”




2. 'IOR Sound Practice Guidance (SPG)' Brian Rowlands (Fellow,IOR)


The session will start with an introduction to Sound Practice Guidance and a summary of current papers including those recently published and planned.


This will be followed by an open group discussion covering the existing papers and proposals for future publications, providing attendees with an opportunity to contribute to future developments



3. 'The 2014 Ryder Cup - Avoiding the bunkers' Tim Dent (Homecoming Scotland/Ryder Cup 2014/Event Scotland)

This session will explore the background to this year's event; governance and scrutiny; the inclusive approach to risk management involving the host nation, rights holder and host venue; a walk through the risk register framework and some of the challenges faced.

13.00 - 13.45 Lunch

Location - Garden Cafe, Govan Mbeki Health Building

13.45 - 14.35

Afternoon break out sessions

(select one only)

1. ‘Cybercrime as a service’
Andrew Richardson (Prudential)

A different view of cyber risks, exploring the potential for purchasing cybercrime services, from DDOS to Malware, from the internet. So why learn everything yourself when you want to be a cyber criminal? Just outsource it as a service.


2. ‘Managing Logistical Risk within Major Events’
Jose Dhooma

This presentation examines how risk is measured and managed within a Logistics department in the planning, organisation and delivery of a major sporting event such as the Olympics. It will also examine supply chain risk, mitigation and contingency measures both in the planning and operational phases.

3. ‘Tackling Financial Crime – a non-FS perspective’
Ken Milliken

‘Looking at how organisations can manage the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption.  How do they prevent and detect wrongdoing and respond effectively when a suspicion arises?’

14.35 - 15.00 Break for Tea and Coffee

Location - Garden Cafe, Govan Mbeki Health Building

15.00 - 16.30 2nd Plenary


Afternoon Plenary

1 .'Security at 2014  Commonwealth Games' Kenny Graham (Op Risk Security)

Kenny will be talking about his work at both the Olympics and Commonwealth Games as well as providing an overview of security at a Rangers v Celtic football match


2. 'Emergency Management Planning' Malcolm Wilson (Falkirk Council)

An overview of how Emergency Management has been applied a major industrial complex to meet the threat of accidents and civil emergencies, the factors that influenced the need for an inclusive and structured application, compliance with legislative requirements, and the partners involved in the development of this Integrated Management approach


16.30 - 16.45 Chairs closing remarks

16.20 Chairs closing remarks - Peter Docherty (IOR) / Ian Wilson (IOR)

Location - Deeprose Lecture Theatre, Govan Mbeki Health Building

16.45 - 17.45 Wine and Canapes/Networking opportunity

Location - Garden Cafe, Govan Mbeki Health Building