Research, Innovation and Enterprise

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Welcome to the Department of Research, Innovation and Enterprise at Glasgow Caledonian University

The Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) department supports Glasgow Caledonian University’s research, consultancy and knowledge exchange activities.

Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) provides GCU colleagues in the Schools and Research Institutes with a range of professional services to support research and other funding applications, manage contractual agreements, develop engagement with business partners, and provide access to the University’s intellectual property and unique facilities.

RIE supports academic staff and researchers in their applications for external funding and completing contractual agreements. We will help guide you through the process of costing your consultancy, CPD or research project and the formal authorisation procedure.

Our Knowledge Transfer Manager supports activities with external partners, including those aligned with the University’s 2015 strategic goals for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and SME targets.

We can support you with one-to-one guidance and advice on sourcing suitable funding bodies, provide assistance with writing research proposals and assist your schools or research team by presenting bespoke seminars throughout the university.

We provide corporate, public and third sector organisations with tailored professional education programmes, solve business programmes through consultancy and research and support sustainable community business practices through social innovation.

We aim to help our academic colleagues understand the University processes and forms for commercial and research activity and to make the most of their skills with RIE seminars and support.

Through GCU Business, we proactively promote the University to businesses and public sector organisations and match up your skills with the business challenge presented to us.

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