Staff support and resources

We work closely with academic staff within the schools and the cross-disciplinary Research Institutes in our three locations, Glasgow, London and New York, to attract major grants, further develop collaborations and partnerships with research organisations, and work with end-users in the public and private sectors.  We provide support for the pre-award research process, including project costs for applications, assistance in the drafting and provision of collaboration agreements for projects, liaison with partner institutions on costings, electronic submission of research applications and all other aspects of research applications.

  • Applying for Research Projects - Project Costs, Internal Process, Contracts, Funding Advice
  • Advice on Knowledge Exchange Opportunities - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Innovate UK Funding
  • Identification and protection of Intellectual Property and exploitation via patents and licensing
  • Creation of commercial projects - Consultancy, Contract Research, Strategic Partnerships
  • Social Innovation Partnerships - Advice, contacts, Collaborations
  • International Collaborations - advice on preparation of applications, management of projects and sources of external funding
Contact the RIO Team

RIO Team Final


Mark Majewsky Anderson
+44 141 331 8842

Knowledge Transfer Manager

Dr Janette Wark
+44 141 331 8877

Research & REF Manager

Yasmin Glover
+44 141 331 8882

Research & REF Administrator

Alexis McQuade

+141 273 1772

Costings Administrator

Andrea Tidrow

+44 141 331 8872

RIO Office Coordinator

Alan McKinnon
+44 141 273 1221 

Contracts and IP Advisor

Susan Armstrong
+44 141 331 3069


Social Innovation Manager

Rose Cawood
+44 141 331 3749

Senior Projects Administrator

Siobhan Doyle
+44 141 331 8274

EU Projects Administrator

Natalia Popielska

+44 141 331 3002

RIO Researcher

Fiona Henderson

+44 141 331 3369

International Development Coordinator

Carolyn McMillan

+44 141 273 1526


All of the documents are now available on the Research Support intranet site.

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All of our funding opportunities are now available in the new Research Support intranet site.

Useful help and guidance

This isnformation is now available on the Research Support intranet site.