What is PURE?

PURE is a software product that is widely used in the UK Higher Education sector to provide a single source of information about institutional research activities

Glasgow Caledonian University uses the PURE current research information system to generate a permanent internal record of the research activities of academic staff. The PURE system imports information about the University’s research activities from other internal corporate sources and organises it around the profiles of individual academic staff members.

PURE PORTAL Repository

The PURE system functionality also includes an externally facing research repository that provides information about the University’s research activities online.

The University is committed to making the outcomes of its publicly funded research available to the public and to the principle of Open Access to Research. The Research Online@GCU repository fulfils this purpose and is supplied with information about staff publications, projects and research activities from PURE. Individual staff profiles describing the research interests of staff members are also included. The system has extensive search functions and links to other web research resources.

Research Data Management

The PURE system is currently being upgraded to provide a secure workflow for the management of and controlled access to research data. The University’s policy on research data management is available for staff to access from: Research Data Management

Staff training sessions on using PURE

Staff must attend a training course before receiving a PURE account. Each session lasts no more than an hour. Details of the schedule for the next series of PURE training courses are available from the Repository Team.

Find out more about PURE

Academic staff can find out more about PURE on the Library's Open Access at GCU pages.

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