Peer Review College

The University wishes to develop a research environment in which research leaders are supportive of less experienced researchers and are able to give feedback to guide the next generation of academic staff in the development of their careers. Consequently, as part of this research development initiative,  the University has recently launched a new Peer Review College to assist staff in improving research quality.

Academic expertise

An institution-wide Peer Review College provides a greater pool of academic advice and expertise to draw on than might be available to individual staff within local organisational units. Members of the peer review college are senior staff identified by the University as having a level of experience and expertise in research that would be helpful to other staff in developing their research activities.

Peer Review College members will contribute to research staff development by peer reviewing research grant applications and key research publications (for example, for REF) and to provide a source of mentoring and advice on a collegiate basis. The peer review college resource will be accessible by a process managed by Schools to suit the specific requirements of particular disciplines. Members of the college will provide information about their expertise in a pro-forma which will be available to staff to help identify where expertise and advice may be sought in the University.

Details of the expertise of all Peer Review College members will be available from this website in due course.