Open Access to Research

The University is strongly committed to the principle that the outcomes arising from its publicly funded research are a public good that should be made as widely available as possible.

Furthermore, external research funding bodies (such as RCUK, The Wellcome Trust, and the European Commission) require that the full text of publications arising from funded research projects are made available to the public in an open access text format. In 2014, the four UK funding councils announced that the next REF exercise will be conducted on the basis of open access to the full text of submitted outputs made freely available to the public ( for example by deposition in an institutional repository). Compliance with this REF requirement must be achieved no later than 1st April 2016. Currently the requirement applies only to journals and conference proceedings and not to longer form output such as books or monographs. See: Open Access and Research Assessment

Consequently as a result of these developments the University Senate approved a policy for Open Access to Research in 2014. This policy states that the institution shall adopt, by default, the ‘green’ or ‘self-archiving’ model of open of free open access in order to satisfy external research body requirements. It is now a University mandatory requirement for academic staff to deposit full text copies of the author final version ( post refereeing and correction) of journal articles and conference proceedings in the PURE Research Information system and repository.

Further guidance on Open Access policy requirements for academic staff is available on the library's Open Access at GCU pages.

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