Research fees 2021-2022

The following tuition fees apply to research studies that commenced during the academic year 2021-2022, that is with start dates between 1 October 2021 and 30 September 2022.

If your studies begin after 30 September 2022, your fees are detailed in the fees and funding schedule for 2022 - 2023

Understanding tuition fees 

The fees you pay are mostly determined by your fee status. What is my student fee status? Fees are also subject to change and are published for guidance only until the academic session begins. For full details on how fees may change please read our fees and refund policy.

Full-time fees

Annual full-time research tuition fees 2021/22 by award and fee status
AwardHome (Scottish) and RUKInternational and EU
PhD £4,400 £15,500
MPhil £4,400 £15,500
MRes* £4,400 £15,500

*Please see below for MRes Biological Sciences full-time fees

Part-time fees

Annual part-time research tuition fees 2021/22 by award and fee status
AwardHome (Scottish) and RUKInternational and EU
PhD £2,200 £7,750
MPhil £2,200 £7,750
MRes (per 15 credit module) £375 £1,290
PhD by previous publication £2,200 £7,750

Doctorate of Business Administration

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) annual tuition fees by mode of study and fee status
Study modeHome (Scottish) and RUKInternational and EU
Full time (London campus) £4,266 £8,000
Distance learning (from Glasgow) £4,480 £4,480

MRes Biological Sciences

MRes Biological Sciences annual tuition fees by fee status
Study modeHome (Scottish) and RUKInternational and EU
Full time £6,500 £17,500

Scholarships, studentships and fee discounts

We offer research scholarships and studentships to help with the cost of research fees. Our early payment discount can also help if you are self-funding your studies. 

Continuing study

Tuition fees as per the academic year when your studies begin, apply throughout the expected duration of your degree.

If your studies continue beyond the expected duration for a maximum number of years, then a continuation fee would apply, as shown below.

 Expected and maximum durations by degree and mode of study
AwardMode of study

Expected duration


Maximum duration (years) 

Continuation fee


PhD Full time 3 4 Year four
PhD  Part time 5-6 6 n/a
PhD by previous publication Part time less than 1 1 n/a
ProfD  Part time 4 6 Years five and six
DBA Distance learning  (from Glasgow) 4 6 Years five and six
DBA Full time (GCU London only) 3 4 Year four
MPhil Full time 2 3 Year three
MPhil Part time 3 4  n/a

For part-time PhD, part-time MPhil and PhD by Previous Published Works degrees, there are no continuation fees applicable.

The expected duration of study for a part-time PhD is five to six years. Students will continue to be charged the annual fee throughout their study until completed, while they are within the maximum period of registration. For example, if the part-time PhD study is completed within five years, no sixth-year fee is required.

MRes fees are applied on modular basis with trimester A to C assessment deadlines, and so there is no specified expected or maximum period of study.

For all research degrees (full-time and part-time), should you wish to continue study beyond the maximum period, you must have an authorised extension from the University and pay the continuation fee.

If a continuation year is needed, you will be charged the current continuation fee rate applicable during your continuation period.

Continuation fee

Continuation fee 2021/22 £525

From 1 October 2021, the continuation fee, where applicable, will be charged to students in all stages of their research, writing or submission process, including; those students who have submitted their thesis and are preparing for their viva, those preparing minor corrections following their viva examination, and those who are to re-submit with or without a second viva examination.

If you fail to pay the continuation fee, you may be suspended. If you require an extension you should discuss this with your Director of Studies, submit your application for extension and pay the continuation fee when billed. This will ensure uninterrupted access to University services and progression with your studies and submission.
For further information please contact Diane Dickie, Senior Registry Officer (RPG).

Bench fees

Bench fees may apply to certain projects. If this is the case this will be discussed at your interview and included in your letter of offer.