£149k TSB Project Supports Smart Sensor Developments

24 June 2014

£149k TSB Project Supports Smart Sensor Developments

Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd (GSSL), in conjunction with project partners Traceall Global Ltd (TGL) and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), has secured a £149k Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Collaborative Research & Development Project from the recent ‘Enabling the Internet of Sensors’ funding call.

Through the use of computational models known as random neural controllers (RNCs) the project will determine the possibilities for smart sensors as embedded intelligent self-learning systems. This would allow sensors used in a range of applications, such as building energy management systems, to anticipate and respond to changing conditions with minimal human intervention, helping to provide comfortable living environments, reduce power consumption and protect the environment. Carbon dioxide /temperature/humidity wireless sensors from project lead Gas Sensing Solutions are low energy consumption and compatible with extended battery operation and energy harvesting, with no need for a connected power source.

The partners will investigate using RNNs to provide a low cost/ low power consumption intelligent self-learning network, supporting real time autonomous decision making for use in building control, with a primary focus on indoor air quality control and minimising energy usage with resulting benefits in carbon emissions.

The project consortium provides the necessary collective expertise. Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd currently manufactures unique patented low energy consumption CO2/ humidity/ temperature wireless sensors and has significant experience integrating energy harvesting strategies and inter-operability with other sensors. GCU brings innovative patented RNNs modelling/ algorithm/ software capability together with knowledge of adaptive management and connectivity methods relevant to buildings. Traceall Global Ltd brings significant experience in the use and deployment of wireless sensor networks  for buildings, logistics  and healthcare applications.

Dr Des Gibson, CEO of GSSL, said: “Our success in developing and producing the world’s lowest power consumption non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensor platform, trademarked as COZIR, provides us with confidence that our unique technology can be further optimised to provide smart monitoring/ control for building management applications. Moreover, the project brings together an expert consortium, combining capabilities in GSSL gas sensor development and production, TGL’s wireless sensor network deployment and GCU capabilities in low energy consumption algorithms providing intelligent self-learning.”



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