University to launch Centre for Living

05 June 2014

University to launch Centre for Living

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has announced plans to launch a ground-breaking Centre for Living which will bring together world-leading health-related research, advanced learning and teaching programmes, and the provision of specialised social health care through community partnerships.

The Centre for Living, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, will be based at the University’s campus in the heart of Scotland’s largest city and will be co-located with a new “teach-and-treat” facility, the Caledonian Clinic, which will provide patient care and offer advice to a range of stakeholders. The core of the Centre’s activity will focus on enhancing the lives of people with chronic health conditions as well as developing and evaluating public health and lifestyle interventions.

“We are delighted that GCU is taking the lead role in developing this innovative, intellectual hub which will integrate research with learning and teaching while at the same time delivering highly-specialised treatment to help people lead better lives. In every sense, the Centre for Living will allow GCU to live up to its mission to be a University for the Common Good,” said Principal and Vice Chancellor, Professor Pamela Gillies CBE.

Health and wellbeing is the largest area of research at GCU and although the Centre for Living will be based at the School of Health and Life Sciences, it will also draw on major research being conducted in the University’s two other schools, the Glasgow School for Business and Society and the School of Engineering and the Built Environment, as well as from GCU’s various other research initiatives. For example, the work of the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health will feature prominently.

The Executive Dean of the School of Health and Life Sciences Professor Valerie Webster said: “The Centre for Living will be a vibrant, dynamic inter-disciplinary research and clinical teaching centre which will enable GCU to respond more effectively to society’s key health challenges, including health inequalities, an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases, and the cost and burden of coping with long-term conditions.”

In a phased development, the Centre for Living will initially be accessed through a dedicated reception area, display and meeting space at the entrance to GCU’s Govan Mbeki building. Longer-term plans include creating a dedicated Centre for Living building to bring together all of GCU’s health-related research activity – including areas of excellence in fields such as ageing, musculoskeletal health, nutrition, sexual health and alcohol wellbeing – under one roof. Learning and teaching would be co-located with research within the new Centre for Living which would also become the permanent home for the Caledonian Clinic.

The Clinic will offer a range of services drawing upon the University’s highly-developed specialisms in areas such as Allied Health Sciences, Applied Psychology and its world-leading capability in 3D printing, to help develop treatment programmes for long-term conditions. It is anticipated that the community health services will be offered in conjunction with a range of partners in the health and social care fields.

Work on the first phase of the Centre for Living at GCU’s Govan Mbeki building and the launch of the Caledonian Clinic will start immediately. The timetable for the dedicated Centre for Living building itself has still to be finalised but is likely to follow-on from the £30 million Heart of the Campus redevelopment which is due to start this month (June 2014).



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