Caledonian Academy findings unveiled in the City

08 November 2013

Caledonian Academy findings unveiled in the City

Findings were unveiled to a group of senior finance experts

Caledonian Academy (CA) research on how finance professionals learn on the job has been showcased at an event in London’s financial district.

GCU’s Caledonian Academy produce internationally significant research on technology-enhanced and professional learning.

The research was based on a partnership with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI). Findings were unveiled by Professor Allison Littlejohn to a group of around 50 senior finance experts at the CISI Global Headquarters in the City.

Professor Littlejohn said: “Recent rapid changes in finance regulations means that professionals have to create new processes. Conventional training and development is ineffective for agile change.

"Rapid innovation requires personalised and continual learning, with professionals self-regulating their own learning. We have been working with the CISI and 18 other global finance companies to help them encourage finance professionals to accelerate their productivity through self-regulation.”

The CA research identified differences in learning behaviours with recommendations to finance organisations on how to encourage professionals to self-regulate their learning. 


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