Supporting a healthy heart

21 March 2013

Supporting a healthy heart

The Healthy Heart book

A book written by GCU academic Dr Morag Thow is supporting heart patients in leading a healthy life.

‘The Healthy Heart Book’ provides information on exercise and active living, diet and coping with stress for those who are recovering after a major heart event (including stents, surgery or a heart attack).

Dr Thow, a physiotherapy lecturer specialising in cardiac rehabilitation at GCU, wrote the book together with Keri Graham, a senior physiotherapist who graduated from GCU, and qualified dietician Choi Lee who is based at Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital.

The book, which was published by USA physical activity publisher Human Kinetics, has received the official support of the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation and Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland. It has also been peer-reviewed by a number of organisations, including local phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation members at the Jordanhill Heart Beats. 

Dr Thow hopes that in addition to the UK and the US, the book will pick up interest in other countries. “Coronary heart disease is a major problem across the world, with many developing nations seeing an increase in heart disease."
The book aims to help cardiac patients and families understand their condition and develop strategies to lead healthy happy lives.



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