Discover Arthritis group to hold first GCU meeting

27 February 2013

Discover Arthritis group to hold first GCU meeting

Catriona Connelly from ARUK and Wendy Smith GCU podiatry lecturer

GCU is teaming up with the leading UK funder of research into arthritis to raise the profile of local research activities and build better links between researchers, academics, clinicians and the local community. Discover Arthritis will hold its first meeting at GCU’s campus on Wednesday, March 6 and will feature short presentations from charity Arthritis Research UK, researchers and patient groups.

The aims of the group include organising fund raising events, dissemination of research and the sharing of skills and resources for future projects. More than 200 local community members have been invited to the event and staff and students who are interested in finding out more are being encouraged to attend.

Dr Debbie Turner, Arthritis Research UK Senior Lecturer in Podiatry, is co-ordinating the event with School of Health and Life Sciences Community Engagement fellow Karen Roome.

She said: “Events such as this benefit the researcher, service user and funder alike. They allow the dissemination of research findings in a friendly and accessible way. They also are of great value to the research community who can build relationships with patients, and patients groups, and use this to inform and improve new work.”

The first Discover Arthritis event will feature short presentations from Professor Roger Sturrock and Dr Debbie Turner who have received funding through Arthritis Research UK; patient representative Mr Cameron Mitchell and Mrs Lorna-Bromley Martin, who is a Regional Fundraising Manager for Arthritis Research UK.

The first event will be held on Wednesday, March 6 between 1.30-3pm. The formal presentations begin at 2pm in the Deeprose lecture theatre and information about the charity and the group members will be available in the garden café area in the Govan Mbeki building.


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