GCU team wins bid to create ultrasound training website

07 February 2013

GCU team wins bid to create ultrasound training website

Rheumatologist Dr Anna Ciechomska scanning a shoulder for the website. Image by Dr John Lynn.

A multi-disciplinary GCU team have won out over more established colleagues to design a website for leading charity Arthritis Research UK.

Academics from the University’s Schools of Health and Life Sciences and Engineering and Built Environment have been awarded nearly £44,800 to create the new portal, which will benefit health professionals training in musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Arthritis Research UK Senior Lecturer Dr Debbie Turner said there was a serious shortage of doctors and other health professionals in Scotland qualified to mentor those training in MSK ultrasound.

Arthritis Research UK decided to develop an online resource to cover some of the basic training techniques that currently has to be done in person.
As the only university in Scotland which offers a post-graduate certificate in medical ultrasound, staff in GCU’s School of Health and Life Sciences were perfectly positioned to provide the expertise to inform the website’s content in conjunction with clinical partners within the Scottish Rheumatology Ultrasound Group.

Dr Turner said the expert technical skills provided by colleagues in the School of Engineering and Built Environment using state of the art equipment allowed the team to put together a strong bid.

She said: “This project is really distinctive as it sees colleagues from across several different disciplines in the university coming together in partnership with colleagues in the NHS to create the successful bid.

“There is a nationwide shortage of mentors in ultrasound and those working in the Allied Health Professions often find themselves at the back of the queue when it comes to accessing a qualified person to complete their training, despite growing demand for ultrasound among patients.

“We hope this new website will go some way to meeting this challenge, helping allied health professionals and ultimately patients.”

The winning GCU team includes Dr Debbie Turner, Dr Vassilis Charissis, Dr John Lynn, Brian McDonald and Jim Devon.


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