Dr Fernandez-Canque opens new chapter in water safety

18 July 2012

Dr Fernandez-Canque opens new chapter in water safety

Human-Centric Machine Vision

Dr Hernando Fernandez-Canque, senior lecturer in the School of Engineering and Built Environment, has contributed a chapter to the newly-published book, Human-Centric Machine Vision.

In the chapter, entitled Machine Vision Application to Automatic Detection of Living Cells/Objects, Dr Fernandez-Canque explores the use of image processing in the detection of objects that change with shape and age, as well as other changes in general.

His study could have far-reaching benefits as Dr Fernandez-Canque has proved that Machine Vision can be used to quickly detect cryptosporidium, a potentially dangerous microcell that exists in water.

“Cryptosporidium is always in drinking water but too high a level can be dangerous for health,” said Dr Fernandez-Canque.

“At present, samples of water are checked manually using a microscope, a method that is labour intensive, time consuming and at risk of human error. My system will check samples automatically using image processing. This will be of massive benefit, especially for developing countries, and I am sure my application will be implemented in the future.”

Human-Centric Machine Vision is published by InTech, the world’s largest multidisciplinary open access publisher of books covering the fields of science, technology and medicine. Its readership includes scientists, university and college professors, research professionals, students and users of academic libraries, and publications are also of interest to engineering societies, technical organisations, industrial institutions and government departments.

Read Dr Fernandez-Canque’s chapter here


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