WiSE team sign manifesto

29 June 2012

WiSE team sign manifesto

Professor Ailsa McKay

Five members of the Women in Scotland’s Economy (WiSE) team have signed a European wide manifesto condemning the “direct and aggressive class attack on the living conditions of the majority of women, men and children” inherent in many of the political proposals currently being advanced for the Eurozone.

The WiSE team, which includes Professor Ailsa McKay and is linked to the Gender and Economy Research Group, in the Institute for Society and Social Justice Research, is in Barcelona for the International Association for Feminist Economics Conference.

After signing the manifesto, the team attended a demonstration in the Place de Catalunyia, where the group joined with feminist economist colleagues from across the continent in protesting against reform proposals “which rely on wage suppression, erosion of labour rights and welfare, and fiscal austerity on the pretext of improving competitiveness, controlling inflation, and reducing public debt.”

The manifesto continued:

“We believe that the current crisis is the result of structural conflicts in production, distribution and social reproduction. The challenge is to address these conflicts in a deeply transformative way so that the economy is not at the service of profit holders and financial renters but directed to the service of a sustainable and good life for everyone.”

The team presented a group of papers at the conference on a range of topics, including a gendered analysis of the Scottish Government’s recovery strategy and a comparative analysis of gender budgeting in Scotland and Turkey.


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