GCU explores vision, superbugs and energy with Glasgow Science Festival

24 May 2017

GCU explores vision, superbugs and energy with Glasgow Science Festival

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is offering a range of exciting events for school pupils and adults as part of the 2017 Glasgow Science Festival.

Launched in 2007, Glasgow Science Festival has grown to be one of the largest science festivals in the UK. It includes events across the city for over 50,000 people from all ages and backgrounds.

As part of the 2017 programme, themed ‘Glasgow Explores’ and running between June 8 and 18, GCU will run interactive and informative sessions in vision science, infection prevention, digital health, the human body and renewable energy.

School pupils will take part in an interactive workshop led by eye health experts exploring how to measure vision, how to photograph the inside of the eye, optical illusions and how numbers become spectacles.

On June 8, GCU experts will present a public debate on how antibiotic use has led to the superbug crisis.

Primary school pupils will be able to find out how the human body works, from skeletons to organs.

On June 12, the University will host a session about harnessing the digital revolution to improve health in Scotland. Themes will include how sending interactive texts to men might reduce their binge drinking; how social media can be used to improve sexual health among young people; and how webcam technology be used to help parents keep in touch with sick or premature babies admitted to special care baby units.

GCU will also present an interactive workshop in which pupils will learn about renewable energy and how to measure energy generation using scientific equipment.

A key part of this year’s programme will include GCU’s research and postgraduate open day, taking place on June 15. Along with a showcase exhibition, speakers on the day will include one of the most famous names in the study of public health and social inequalities in health and wellbeing, Sir Michael Marmot, and Andrew Cameron, co-developer of the Design for Business programme at the £80million V&A Museum of Design, Dundee. 

Find out more and register for all the events on the Glasgow Science Festival website.


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