GCU to host a two-day IPA conference

20 February 2017

GCU to host a two-day IPA conference

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is to host the first International Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Interest Group (SIPAIG) conference on May 18 and 19, 2017.

The two-day IPA conference will celebrate the breadth and quality of IPA research across the world.

Interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) is a psychological approach to qualitative research, which is primarily committed to the examination of how people make sense of major life events and experiences. It explores an individual’s personal perception or account of an event or state as opposed to attempting to produce an objective record of the event or state itself. 

Organised by Psychology Senior Lecturer Dr Adele Dickson and Professor Paul Flowers, the conference will take place in Glasgow Caledonian University’s School of Health and Life Sciences. “The first IPA conference is an opportunity to engage with students, academics and researchers interested in this qualitative research and to explore the major life events under investigation. The conference aims to showcase the breath, scope and quality of IPA, which is a growing area of research,” said Dr Adele Dickson.

Keynote speakers include GCU Sexual Health Psychologist Professor Paul Flowers, Professor Jonathan Smith, Birbeck University of London, and Dr Michael Larkin, Aston University.

Calls for abstract submission and registration are now open to researchers - available here - and will close on Friday, March 10. 

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