GCU to research augmented reality headset

13 January 2017

GCU to research augmented reality headset

Until now, smartphones and tablet devices have driven augmented reality.

Research at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is looking to push augmented reality to the next level.

Augmented reality (AR) is technology that allows the integration of graphics from a television, computer, tablet or phone display into real-world environments.

Until now, video games − such as Pokemon Go − on smartphones and tablets have driven this development in the mainstream. However, Dr Ryan Gibson, lecturer in electronic engineering at GCU, is working with developer Everwood Interactive to devise an AR headset; something he believes is the next stage for AR.

Dr Gibson said: “We are looking to develop a camera-based, wearable head-mounted display platform, consisting of both hardware and software components.

“The idea is that camera-captured video will be obtained from the user’s field of view and perspective. This will then be analysed and enhanced through processing with an electronic, embedded device, which will present the AR onto the display in front of the user’s eyes.”

Dr Gibson explained that several stages of work will be undertaken over the next three months, such as analysing suitable technology for delivering the immersive AR visual environment and identifying the AR processes for detecting, generating, displaying and merging digital information onto the display.

The research has been subsidised via a Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher.


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