Researchers funded for German water treatment

15 August 2016

Researchers funded for German water treatment

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) researchers are working to produce cleaner drinking water for the four million people who are supplied from Lake Constance, a lake on the Rhine at the northern foot of the Alps.

GCU’s Professor JiaQian Jiang has been funded by German water treatment company Lake Constance Water Supply for a three-year project to develop advanced oxidation processes for treating drinking water which leave fewer pollutants.

His research investigates the treatment of water and waste water with processes using ferrate, a supercharged iron ion, and Fenton's reagent, a technique that is used to oxidize contaminants in water and waste waters.

It is thought that advanced oxidation processes produce fewer potentially toxic by-products than the current water treatment processes to degrade harmful micro-pollutants and to kill germs.

Professor Jiang said: “Our earlier three-year project tested ferrate in the water treatment process together with a toxicity assessment trial. Initial laboratory and pilot-scale studies have shown that the ferrate technology produces an excellent performance. Following that, Lake Constance Water Supply has decided to offer additional three-year funding to comparatively evaluate various advanced oxidation processes to treat the water to the highest water qualities.”


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