GCU researcher works on the Brazilian energy-efficiency rating system

05 August 2016

GCU researcher works on the Brazilian energy-efficiency rating system

Dr Ing Liang Wong

GCU's Dr Ing Liang Wong, Lecturer in Sustainable Design and Construction in the School of Engineering and Built Environment, is working with Brazilian researchers to investigate potential technical, economic and social issues arising from the implementation of the Brazilian energy-efficiency rating system.

Dr Wong is currently undertaking a project at Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná (UTFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil, working in collaboration with Professor Dr Eduardo L Krüger. The three-month project is supported by Conselho Nacional das Fundações Estaduais de Amparo à Pesquisa (CONFAP), Brazil and the UK Academies under the Newton Fund Programme.

The project − titled Impact of energy efficiency labelling regulation on Brazilian buildings: investigating the challenges, barriers and opportunities − is timely in that Brazil, like other developing countries, is facing the issue of growing energy consumption in the building sector. Since it was implemented in 2007, the compliance with the Brazilian energy-efficiency labelling regulation is still voluntary but will become mandatory progressively.

The research team will work closely with the Brazilian practitioners and policy makers, address the general issues behind energy efficiency labelling in Brazil, review experience and lessons from the UK, in order to provide insight into existing or potential issues arising from its full implementation in Brazil.


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