Research into 2014 Commonwealth Games

18 February 2011

Research into 2014 Commonwealth Games

Dr Robert Rogerson

GCU has joined an innovative partnership that brings together research experts at Glasgow Caledonian, Strathclyde and Glasgow universities to focus on the preparation, staging and legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The project aims to examine the impact of the Games on the economic and social health and well-being of the city and across Scotland. Experts at GCU will focus on sport and physical activity, cultural heritage, policing and crime and community engagements. 

Dr Robert Rogerson, senior lecturer in urban and social geography at the University of Strathclyde, was recently appointed to the post of research coordinator.

He said: “Although the Games are three years away, preparation of venues and facilities is already well advanced - so too is planning for the longer term impact and legacy. 

"The creation of this post now signals a belief that gaining the most from hosting the 2014 Games will involve conducting research across the city before, during and after the Games themselves. The legacy has to be felt in areas such as sports and physical activity, community pride and identity, volunteering and tourism, and it has to involve many communities and people across the city of Glasgow.

“This is a unique research opportunity and one that through the research we hope will help Glasgow and other cities in future to prepare for hosting major events.”

Dr Rogerson brings a wealth of relevant experience to the role. He serves on the ESRC and AHRC grants panels and is chair of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society’s Research & Scientific Advisory Committee. 

He is also lead coordinator of the £850,000 ESRC Targeted Initiative on Sustainable Communities, directing projects investigating local dimensions of ‘skills and knowledge for sustainable communities’ which has attracted considerable global interest. 

Professor Francine Cheater, Director of the Institute for Applied Health Research at GCU, said: “This is an excellent opportunity for GCU researchers to engage in exciting, cutting-edge research that has relevance not only for Glasgow but for Scotland and well beyond.”


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