GCU partners in new cruising tourism route

20 April 2015

GCU partners in new cruising tourism route

Scenic coastal route

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) researchers are partners in a European-funded programme to develop a new yacht cruising tourism route between Ireland and the Arctic Circle areas of Norway.

Led by Cork Institute of Technology, the €1.26million project has been funded by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme which funds transnational cooperation projects in the northern periphery and arctic region.

The project will develop a coordinated yacht cruising route, stretching around the coastline of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the west of Scotland up to the Faroe Islands and Norway.

The project entitled ‘Cruising Oceans on Latitudes above 51º North - The Cool Route’, will research all of the logistical, business and marketing planning for the route, which will support other complementary maritime and shore based tourism initiatives in all of the intervening regions along the route.

Over the next three years, GCU’s Dr Colin Combe, Marina Martinolli, Giancarlo Fedeli and Daniel Baxter will work on the project to deliver the Cool Route.

While the project is about yacht cruising, its key objective is to provide a wide range of new business opportunities for new entrepreneurs and existing SMEs throughout the route. The project also involves Donegal County Council, Royal Cork Yacht Club, Derry City Council, Torshavn Port Authority, Blues Seas Marinas and Western Norway Research Institute.

The Cool Route coastline is one of the most scenic cruising grounds globally and apart from the outstanding natural beauty of the route, it provides un-crowded and secure waters in which to voyage over long distances.


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