GCU experts present plan for tourism on Ireland's battlefields

14 April 2015

GCU experts present plan for tourism on Ireland

The conference will use Ireland's battlefields for tourism

Professor John Lennon, Assistant Vice-Principal Business Development of Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and Director of the Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism Business Development, is attending a Cross Border Tourism Conference in Dundalk with a focus on ‘Battlefield Tourism’.

Professor Lennon is presenting a session entitled ‘Dark Tourism- the attraction of battlefields, death sites and dark heritage’, looking at the value of battlefield interpretation and marketing in tourism development strategies.

Professor Lennon will draw on best practice in battlefield tourism from the US and Scotland, such as Gettysburg and Bannockburn.

The conference, taking place on April 15, will be opened by Paddy Matthews, President of the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, organiser of the conference.

The conference is focused on using Ireland’s battlefield history for success in tourism.

Louth, halfway between Belfast and Dublin, is described as the Flanders of Ireland.  Louth has been at the heart of the action for millennia, from the semi-mythical Cú Chulainn, Queen Maeve and the Táin Bó Cuailgne, to Edward Bruce and the Battle of Faughart, through Hugh O’Neill and the Nine Years War, the Confederate War and Oliver Cromwell and the Battle of the Boyne Louth has been the site of many decisive battles. More recently Louth was badly affected by ‘the Troubles’.

The conference will also include presentations on Belfast’s Black Taxi tours and on the development of the Battle of the Boyne Visitor Centre. 


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