Community outreach and tech

Community outreach and tech

Educating and empowering our young people 

As a civic University, we place great importance on being socially active. Our Caledonian Club is working with schools in Glasgow to help equip P5 and P6 pupils with answers to questions like: ‘What is climate change and its effects?’ ‘How are Scientists monitoring changes?’ and ‘What can I do to raise awareness about climate change?’  

We’re also working in partnership with Glasgow City Council and others to support a series of talks focusing on the climate emergency involving local and international experts in conversation with girls from Glasgow. 

Learn more about the activities of our Caledonian Club. 


Using tech for the Common Good

There’s a whole range of ways GCU is bringing smart technology to help solve environmental issues, in Scotland and around the world.   

With funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering we are developing a prototype of an electric scooter for the Indian market, which will use a compact 3D-printed electric motor, powered by a solar battery, and suitably modified chassis.  

Our researchers recently developed an app to develop future chefs who are aware of the impact of food waste on the environment and help them implement practices in the kitchen to reduce it. 

A GCU team is using electrochemistry to create a gel to remove metals and contaminates from drinking water, while another team has developed a cutting-edge tool to help farmers find the safest way to use organic waste fertiliser in a bid to reduce its damaging impact on the environment. 

An 11-strong team made up of health and data experts are using big data from award-winning research to find nature-based solutions that can increase urban population health and resilience to climate change challenges. The team hopes the ideas developed will be showcased at COP26 in November. 

Climate Justice Fund

The Foundation continue to work with philanthropists and donors who share our passion for promoting access to education, knowledge and innovation to deliver social benefit and impact. Financial support through the Climate Justice Fund will help to advance the work of the Centre for Climate Justice to promote a fair and just transition to net zero. Donations of all size can make a real difference.