Whether you are a new or continuing student, you must register online each academic year for your studies at GCU.  You can register online through our student portal using your username and password. You should use your domain login - the one you use to log in to computers on campus.

Login to our portal by clicking on the link below. After you log in, follow the Registration link you'll see on the left to start registration: 


Login to register

Please note, Registration will be unavailable from 0800 Saturday 15 December to 0800 Sunday 16 December 2018 due to essential maintenance.

New students

We will email you registration instructions after you have accepted your unconditional offer.  The instructions will include your username and password, and you can register as soon as you receive these.  If you don't receive your registration instructions 2 weeks before your course starts, email including your student ID and course title and we will send them to you.  New students must upload or send us a passport-style photograph for your student card:send us your photograph.

Once you have registered online, you complete the registration process by collecting your student card (or receiving it in the post if you are a distance learner). 


Continuing students

Continuing students should login to register now. Your login details will be the same as those you use to access the University computer systems.  You can find your username on your student ID card and in your registration email.

Forgotten your password or it is not working?

 If you are waiting on exam results, you should still register now.  Once results are published they will confirm your registration in our system, or amend it if you are not eligible to continue or have to repeat.


Registration deadlines

It is important to get here for induction week (and international orientation before that if you are an international student) as well as the start of teaching, to get the information you need to give yourself the best start for success in your studies. There are deadlines for completing the Registration process, so if you are going to be late please ensure you read the important information here and follow the guidance.

Deadline for Trimester B programmes due to start teaching on 28 January 2019: 

For all new and continuing students on programmes/module(s) that start teaching on week commencing 28th January, the deadline date for registration is 11 February 2019.

New and continuing students, on programmes with year-long modules (for example, Research programmes): 18 February 2019.

If your course/module(s) starts at another time, you will need to register and collect your card within 2 weeks of the start of teaching.

View all the stages of registration you need to complete.

There are ten stages of registration (seven stages for continuing students) for you to complete:

  1. Personal details 
  2. Address details
  3. Emergency contact
  4. Last institution (new students only) 
  5. Other details (new students only)
  6. Upload your photo (new students only)
  7. Fees payment details - who is paying your fees? 
  8. Terms & Conditions - to complete it you must agree to accept the Fees and Refund Policy, Credit Control and Debt Management Policy, Code of Student Discipline, Electronic Equipment Loan Agreement and other regulations.  There are links on the page and you can find them all here.
  9. Confirmation - this stage is available once you have completed the other stages.  You must check the information and click on Submit Registrations to complete the registration process for your course.
  10. Career Hub consent - let us know if we can use your details in our Career Hub vacancies system to help you find jobs while you study or once you graduate.
  11. Next steps - let's you know what to think about and do next.

Read our list of FAQs about the registration process.

What do you need to complete registration?

  • Your username and password
  • Previous qualifications
  • A photo (if you don't have a suitable photo when you register online, you can email one or have it taken later, but it may delay getting your student card)
  • To tell us who is paying your fees (if you are sponsored by employer, foreign government or other company, we’ll need a named contact (i.e. your line manager or financial liaison), a postal address, an email address and a telephone number)
  • You can change the sections as many times as you want until you complete the final 'Submit Registrations' stage.
  • Click on the question marks for help during registration.Question mark

Do you have any problems or questions?