Email is used for a wide variety of purposes and many emails contain important business information and should be managed as records.

Email Management Guidance‌ has been developed to outline good practice in:

  • Using email effectively
  • Managing email
  • Using email securely
  • Email etiquette.

Key points in managing email

Think about the message and information being sent, consider whether email is the best way to convey the message. Be clear about your purpose, this will help the recipient and your email will be more effective.


Concise - keep your email brief and summarise your points. Focus on the main issues, what you want to achieve, is it clear whether your email is for information or action?

Complete – check that you’ve provided all the information needed to achieve your objectives. Ensure that the final version is relevant and clear.

Courteous – follow email etiquette within the Email Management Guidelines, GCU policy on Dignity at Work and Study and our values.

Correct - before sending check that the contents of the email are correct. Finally, ensure that the recipients and any attachments are correct.