Webb, Stephen

Professor Stephen A. Webb

Assistant Vice Principal for Community Engagement
Department of Social Work
Stephen Webb is Professor of Social Work at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. Previous to this he was Director of the Institute for Social Inclusion and Well-being, University of Newcastle, Australia and Professorial Research Fellow at University of Sussex.

He is interested in areas of social work and social theory; evidence-based practice; risk, neoliberalism and social work; ethics and values in social work; the politics of social work; decision making and professional identity; social work as art; community social work and community engagement; international social work and global agendas.

Stephen is author of several books including 'Social Work in a Risk Society' (Palgrave 2006) and 'Evidence-based Social Work: A Critical Stance' (with Gray & Plath, Routledge 2009). He is co-editor (with Gray) of 'Social Work Theories and Methods' (Sage 2008), the four-volume international reference work 'International Social Work'(Sage 2010), 'Ethics and Value Perspectives in Social Work' (Palgrave 2010), and the 'Sage Handbook of Social Work' (for Sage, with Gray & Midgley, 2012). Webb's critical analysis ‘Considerations on the validity of evidence-based practice in social work' (2001) is the world's most cited article in the field and the most influential publication in social work over the last ten years (Hodge et al., 2011). He is has recently completed 'The New Politics of Critical Social Work' for Palgrave and the 2nd edition of 'Social Work Theories and Methods' for Sage, London which has been translated into Korean and Polish languages.