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October 2021

- Glasgow Science Festival
- Research reveals impact of first lockdown on mental health
- Coaches, parents and peers play key role in motivating athletes
- Researchers helping people with leg pain
- Blood cancer expert puts GCU on world map for cancer research
- Stroke research showcased on international stage
- Generation X are heavy, risk drinkers.  Will anything persuade us to stop?
- Standing on one leg is a good sign of good health
- Could pigs really be superheroes?
- INSHU conference
- Best clinical abstract award
- Common Good Podcast
- Child and Adolescent Health
- Forthcoming events
- Latest publications

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August 2021

ReaCH newsletter August 2021 imageAugust 2021

- Scientists reveal blueprint for getting hepatitis C treatment to people who inject drugs
- Ageing expert behind new data predicting falls rise in older people as result of COVID-19 lockdown
- New SafePod arrives at GCU
- Best clinical abstract award for Prolong20+ study
- Why Scotland need mandatory health warnings on alcohol products
- Major international accolade for sexual health and blood borne viruses PhD student
- GCU Honorary Professor Nicola Steedman clinches top government health job
- Falls Prevention - evidence into practice with the FLEXI Implementation Study
- Health Services Research UK
- Conferences and public engagement
- NMAHP-RU Newsletter
- Recent publications
- Small answers to big problems?
- ReaCH seminar series
- Latest vacancies

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July 2021

ReaCH newsletter July 2021 image 1July 2021

- Hospital infections costs NHS Scotland £46million each year
- Researchers call for mandatory health warnings on alcohol labels
- Research exposes gaps in mental health support for frontline nurses during pandemic
- Microbiologist wins funding to help find new treatment for bacterial vaginosis
- Understanding the behaviour of nurse independent practitioners
- PhD student launches Anger in Sports study
- Respiratory health of adults with learning difficulties
- Blood cancer research reaches milestone
- Social work scientists look to the future
- How alcohol companies are using International Women's Day to sell more drinks to women
- Happy? Sad? Stressed? How drinking became the answer to everything
- Game of Stones
- Cochrane review on sedentary behaviour
- How can we provide hepatitis c treatment in primary care
- The Sport Psych Show
- New research posts

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June 2021

ReaCH newsletter June 2021June 2021

- Perfect cocktail for a longer life
- New research shows that anxiety makes Parkinson’s disease symptoms worse
- Nurses feel pressure from patients to prescribe antibiotics
- Health scientists turn GCU into top read institution
- Let’s evidence co-creation for future public health
- 3 minute thesis
- Latest funding opportunities

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May 2021

ReaCH newsletter May 2021 imageMay 2021

- Research Celebration
- Is social media use a potentially addictive behaviour?
- Regular physical activity could cut COVID-19 death risk by one third
- Men, Women and Alcohol: from Gin Lane to Pink Gin
- Research shows that even older stroke survivors can improve speech given the right support
- Latest blog from PIONEER
- World Hand Hygiene Day
- Ageing Well with Stroke in the era of COVID-19 eConference

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April 2021

ReaCH newsletter April 2021 imageApril 2021

- Launch of new centre
- Health CASCADE
- PhD fellowships
- New PrEP guidance
- Honorary professor
- Scottish SIR-EN study recruitment going well
- Research to help new dads reduce alcohol consumption
- World Economic Forum recognises GCU Forth and Clyde Canal study
- COP26 Climate Data Challenge Hackathon
- GCU-led international stroke research network awarded new funding
- Transatlantic lecture for sport psychology student
- Researchers clinch top awards
- Students working with Cricket Scotland's starts of the future
- Shortlisted for prestigious award
- Ageing Well with Stroke in the era of COVID-19 conference
- Research excellence shared with new nursing students

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