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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the service at Caledonian Clinic?

Absolutely anyone can attend the clinic. The pricing structure means that GCU staff and students (from all universities and colleges) get discounted rates but anyone else is welcome to attend under the standard rate.

Do I have to prove that I am a GCU staff member or student?

Yes, you will need to bring your staff or student card along with you to your appointment to be able to obtain the discounted rates.

Can friends or family members of GCU staff and students get the special rates?

No, unless they are a GCU staff or student themselves they will have to pay the full price.

Do I have to be a GCU student to get the GCU student rates? What about if I am a student at another University or College?

If you are a student elsewhere you still get the full student discount. You must bring student ID with you to be eligible for this discount.

Do I have to be referred to the clinic, for example by my GP / Doctor or Occupational Health?

No, access to the clinic is purely self-referral, so anyone can book an appointment whether they have seen another healthcare professional first or not.

If my Doctor or Occupational Health suggests I go to the Caledonian clinic, do I still have to pay?

Yes, the prices are the same for all patients as we are a private practice.

If my Doctor or Occupational Health suggest I go to the Caledonian Clinic is this my only option?

No, it is your choice to attend the clinic. You can choose to go to a different private practice, or you can access physiotherapy via the NHS for free through your GP, although there may be a waiting list for an appointment.

How do I book an appointment at the Caledonian Clinic?

You can email caledonianclinic@gcu.ac.uk or phone +44 141 331 8881

Where do I come for my appointment at Caledonian Clinic?

The Clinic is based downstairs in The ARC building on the GCU campus, come to the clinic door and ring the doorbell if it is shut.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

At your initial appointment you will be asked to fill out a form with basic details and then you will be asked some questions about what has brought you to the clinic and what you are looking for. You will then be assessed and appropriate advice and treatment will be given based on the clinical findings.

How do I cancel an appointment I have made?

You must contact the clinic via email caledonianclinic@gcu.ac.uk or phone +44 141 331 8881 as soon as possible, preferably with more than 24 hours notice otherwise you may be charged for your appointment.

Who will my appointment be with?

You will be seen by an experienced and highly specialized Physiotherapist and masseur.

Will I be seen by a student?

They may sometimes be students present in the clinic, observing the work of the Physiotherapist / masseur, but you will always be told if this will be the case before your appointment, and they will only be present if you agree to this. If you are happy to be assessed by a student (with an experienced physio present in the room) there will be a further discounted price applied.

How do I pay?

We accept cash and card payments.

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