Better Physical & Psychological Health

It's important to create an environment that promotes healthy and safe behaviours, both inside and outside the workplace.

In 2013, GCU was accredited with the Gold Scottish Healthy Working Lives Award as a result of its dedication to supporting the health and wellbeing of its staff and local community, and retained the award in both 2014 and 2015. We have a wide range of support and benefits available to encourage staff to adopt a more healthy lifestyle where they can.

Why get involved?

Keeping active has been proven to substantially increase your overall productivity, allowing you to contribute fully to your work rather than sleepwalking through your day. In addition, it's better to prevent than cure - adopting a healthy lifestyle can prevent chronic illnesses and alleviate mental health issues.

Managers should offer support and encouragement to their teams in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle wherever possible. Managers and staff alike also have a responsibility to ensure that their workplace is safe and accessible for all, and to prevent situations which could cause harm.

Courses, Workshops and Resources

GCU offers a range of training resources for its staff, covering multiple Health & Safety areas.

We have learning resources on topics such as how to handle dangerous substances and how to identify health and safety risks; we also have courses designed to help you protect your mental health and resilience, as well as advice on how to live a more healthy lifestyle.

To find out what resources are available check out the Development Library.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

GCU is proud to offer its staff a range of health and wellbeing benefits to support them in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Chief among these benefits is discounted access to Arc Healthy & Wellbeing which houses a multi-purpose gym with classes throughout the week, and the Eden Beauty Spa. We also offer discounts on healthy eating venues, and other health-related support including eye tests, flu jabs, mini MOTs and lifestyle checks and mental health support. You may also be interested in checking out the range of Travel Benefits - GCU regularly offers schemes intended to support staff in walking or cycling to work.

More details can be found on the Health & Wellbeing Benefits section of our Staff Lifestyle & Benefits pages.