Staff Survey 2016

HWL_Logo_Gold_RGBThe Staff Pulse Survey 2016 ran throughout the month of February, this brief and confidential survey provides valuable information about how to shape GCU for the future. Your views can make a difference.

What does the Survey ask?

GCU measures performance in all staff surveys against four key areas: what you value, what you say, what you feel and what you do. This Pulse Survey will also include questions on leadership and management and on our performance and development scheme (PDAR).

Survey Results

With 1132 members of staff responding, more of you than ever took part, providing crucial information about what it is like to work for GCU, what you feel is working well, which areas you would like to see improved and how things have progressed since the Staff Survey in 2014.

Overall, the results are positive and progress is being made across all areas, however there is always room for improvement.

What have we done since the last Staff Survey?

The results of the last Staff Survey, in 2014, highlighted key areas that had improved since the previous Pulse Survey in 2012. These areas of strength include:

  • Staff had greater clarity and understanding about their role within the University, and felt that they had adequate support systems in place when they feel under pressure
  • There was an 11% reduction in staff finding their current workload too much and struggling to cope
  • There was a 9% increase in staff feeling satisfied with the support they get from their immediate line manager
  • There was a significant increase to 81% of staff describing the University as a good place to work

GCU has continued to develop these areas of strength by delivering the People Passport Programme for people managers and by continuing to retain the Gold Healthy Working Lives Award each year.

The 2012 Pulse Survey also highlighted areas for improvement, and efforts have been made to work on these, at both corporate and local levels.  Examples at corporate level include:

  • Implementation of a Work Allocation Model (WAM) for academic and research staff, following a pilot during 2014-15
  • Introduction of an Assistant Head role in academic staff structures
  • A key area of focus has been establishing behaviours to support our GCU Values, which have been agreed with Executive Board and communicated to all staff, students and people managers for rolling out during 2016

Staff participation in the survey ultimately impacts on our student learning experience, your views can make a difference to enhance or improve how students feel about GCU.

To encourage participation, the University has pledged to donate £1 to charity for every survey completed. Staff can choose where their contribution goes: the Discretionary Fund for students; the Glasgow Caledonian University Foundation, which supports widening access for children through the Caledonian Club and GCU London Club; or The Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).